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Basic Perspective on CSR

Building a Better Japan through Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is an extremely convenient and universal service that allows consumers to use the telephone or internet to order the products they want and have them delivered to their homes.

As the diversification of people’s value increasing, the need for direct marketing will continue to grow. As a company engaged in the direct marketing business, Tri-Stage strives to boost the level of trust in direct marketing and aims to provide society with high-value-added services.

By using direct marketing to bring consumers the products they want, we aim to make Japan a little better than before.

Building a Better Japan through Direct Marketing

Regional and Community Contributions

Supporting Japanese Producers and Craftsmen through Nippon Department Store, Which Sells Specialty and Notable Local Products from Various Parts of Japan

Nippon Department Store opened its doors in the Ueno Okachimachi area of Tokyo in December 2010 under the dual theme of “craftsmanship” and “Japanese excellence,” and currently has eight stores in Japan.

Working item by item to purchase examples of Japanese excellence, this business has expanded to reach a broader market.

Serving as a venue where producers, craftsmen and members of local municipalities can come into contact with consumers, the store offers demonstration-based sales, firsthand experiences and workshops.


Responsibility to employees

Promoting diversity

We are improving the environment where various human resources can be active regardless of nationality, age, gender and wellness

  • We have already implemented maternity leave / shorter work to continue her carrier easily after birth.
  • Some foreigners are enrolled as employee and also some handicapped persons are enrolled, then % of them is over statutory rate.

Providing a great work environment

Providing a great work environment to keep healthy and high-motivatively as below.

  • Management to avoid overwork
  • Working early in the morning
  • No overtime-day (every Wednesday)
  • Safety and Health Committee
  • Interview by occupational physician
  • Promoting for a routine medical check
  • Vaccination against influenza vaccine in office
  • Providing refresh-room