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Founder’s Message Akio Maruta

Tri-Stage Inc.
Founder & DirectorAkio Maruta

丸田 昭雄

Message to Investors

Tri-Stage is still a young company, founded in March 2006. However, as a public entity of society and as part of the social infrastructure, we must continue to endure well into the future. With this in mind, we set out to build from the outset a strong corporate governance structure, and established as one of the principles for our corporate framework “the creation of a company that will continue for at least a century.”

Because Tri-Stage was envisioned as a company of professionals, there are many instances in which employees act using their own judgment. Accordingly, we felt that every employee must act in an appropriate manner as a member of society, in essence, that it was necessary to have strict rules and solid structures.

Once the company was established, the other employees and I, despite some agonizing, worked together in a tremendous effort, and I feel that we have now established a foundation for corporate governance. Of course, there is no finish line for corporate governance. While keeping a sharp eye on the status of the company and the state of society, we will continue to remain aware and take action to strengthen our compliance and internal control structures, and to build a more solid corporate governance framework.

I believe that the nature of direct marketing services is a “fair and universal service for all consumers.” I also believe that once the universal service of direct marketing become widespread, it will create a little more pleasant Japan.

If Tri-Stage, together with its partner companies, is able to advance direct marketing by pursing, achieving and spreading service models for direct marketing that consumers consider ideal, it will realize a little more comfortable Japan. Put another way, though it is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, the development of Tri-Stage is good for Japan.

Tri-Stage still faces many hurdles that it must overcome as it grows going forward. As such, we will continue to establish and revise our rules and systems. However, no matter how many rules we make or systems we put in place, observing those rules and utilizing those systems, in essence, achieving corporate governance, is only possible with the ambition of each and every employee.