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Dividend Policy

The Tri-Stage Group recognizes shareholder return as an important management issue. Management believes that it is necessary to make dividend payments after considering appropriate policies regarding profit return. Such policies take into account operating performance and the Group’s financial position, while striving both to build up the internal reserves necessary to strengthen the financial base, and to secure sustainable growth.

With regard to the fiscal year ended February 28, 2022, the Group has judged that its financial base and the operating environment make it possible to continue shareholder returns. Accordingly, we did a dividend of 7 yen per share.

Dividend per Share

Interim Year-end
Fiscal year ended February 28, 2022 - \7
Fiscal year ended February 28, 2021 - \7
Fiscal year ended February 29, 2020 - \7
Fiscal year ended February 28, 2019 - \7
Fiscal year ended February 28, 2018 - \10