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Flow of the Service

Here, we introduce the flow of specific services,
which starts with drafting a plan.

Tri-Stage offers the full range of services needed for direct marketing. Our dedicated staff put their full energies into helping clients expand sales.
This section introduces the specific flow of services.

1.Proposing Business Plans and Media Plans

We begin by ascertaining clients’ strategies, budgets and other conditions, and then propose plans for product selection, price-setting and business strategies.

Next, we propose a media plan designed to optimize sales by using the best mix of media (including television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet) for clients’ products.

Out of all the media available, we are particularly strong in the areas of TV shopping program and commercial slots.
Our leading market share allows us to leverage economies of scale to drive down media costs and broadcast to your target customers at various times, regions, and channels.

We have created a database containing the sales and other data we have accumulated to date. We use this database to formulate media plans for our clients, based on the amount of sales they can be expected to receive for each product via every broadcasting slot.

A given proportion of consumers who view TV shopping programs go online to search for and purchase products.

We analyze the impact that television has on internet purchasing (offline attribution), successfully making this information visible. This information helps clients optimize their advertising budget allocations. We also provide a service that helps clients maximize sales by running internet advertising simultaneously with television broadcasts.

We also propose landing pages that are easy for consumers who visit the site to see and make purchases on.

2.Producing Programs (Infomercials and “Caravans”) and Commercials Tailored to Product and Media Characteristics

The process of creative planning used in video productions begins by using the “eight aspects of a commercial that sells” to accurately ascertain product strengths and portray how that product differs from competing offerings. Then we propose the “headline” that sums up the product in a single word.

Sharing with sellers the indicators that have been made visual, we leverage points of appeal and create programs that viewers can empathize with by covering any weak areas and expanding the area inside the eight points of the radar chart.

We use monitors to conduct waveform studies of program elements that have been videoed and edited, consider what points in the program need to have their favorability increased and at what points favorability has decreased from the viewer perspective. We then edit the footage to create a more effective program.

3.Receiving Orders, Conducting Impact Analyses and Providing Information

Once shopping programs and commercials are aired on television, orders are phoned in to contact centers all at once. To handle this sudden surge in call volume, we create flexible order systems capable of receiving orders smoothly and efficiently.

We also prepare unique talking scripts for each product. We respond conscientiously to help consumers understand the product’s benefits, encouraging people who are on the fence to make purchases or sign up for regular purchases.

We process order receipt data and information on sales promotion activities, process it into easy-to-use formats and share it with clients. We analyze the results and use them in revising creative plans and media selection.

When orders are received, we create opportunities to provide consumer feedback to clients. Our unique initiatives to respond to requirements in these ways have earned accolades from our clients.

4.Conducting Customer Management That Builds Ongoing Positive Relationships

In the direct marketing business, customer relationship management (CRM) is an important way of building positive ongoing relationships with customers that have been acquired, enhancing lifetime value and ensuring ongoing revenue.

Tri-Stage subsidiary Mail Customer Center Co., Ltd., makes a comprehensive range of proposals, handling everything from direct mail preparation to sending out products on the behalf of clients. The company provides support via Tri-Stage, which acts as its point of contact.