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Our Strengths

Tri-Stage’s Strengths

We leverage our three strengths to maximize clients’ TV shopping sales.
Through these three strengths—providing optimal media based on data analysis, creating logic-based video that sells, and using affiliated contact centers to manage order receipt efficiently and create excellent customers—we work to ensure our clients’ ongoing business success.


Providing Optimal Media Based on Data Analysis

We hold an abundance of TV program slots, thanks to our track record in working with advertising agencies and TV broadcasters. We have the No. 1 share of the market for terrestrial TV shopping programs.

Based on analyses of the extensive amount of direct sales media we possess and the data we have accumulated, we provide media that is highly cost effective and matches the target.


Creating Logic-Based Video That Sells

Taking product characteristics into consideration, we provide effective advertising creative based on distinctive logic.

In addition to the video production expertise we have built up over the years, we perform waveform studies using monitors and use data to follow changes in purchasing trends during the program, enhancing programs to help them sell better.


Using Affiliated Contact Centers to Manage Order Receipt Efficiently and Create Excellent Customers

The objective of TV shopping is to use programs to convert viewers into customers. One important role of the order-receiving process is to convert people who have become customers into repeat customers and then fans.

Using multiple affiliated contact centers, we create flexible order systems capable of meeting variations in call volume. In addition, we provide unique talking scripts to raise consumer satisfaction and turn them into excellent customers.