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Terms of Use
This website https://www.tri-stage.jp/en/ (hereinafter “the Site”) is operated by Tri-Stage Inc. (hereinafter “the Company”). Before using the Site, please read and agree to the following terms of use. Note that the terms of use of the Site are subject to change without notice, so please check for the latest terms of use prior to use.


The Company will not accept any liability for problems, or any loss or damage arising in connection with any act committed based on the information contained in the Site.
Although the Site may be subject to suspension, discontinuation of operation, or change of content without notice, the Company accepts no liability for any problem, loss or damage arising in connection therewith.


The entire content of the Site is subject to the Company’s copyright and is protected by law. Use of this information beyond the extent permitted by copyright law for private use by individuals and other use (including reproduction, modification, conversion, uploading, exhibition, transmission, distribution, sale or publication) is prohibited without the prior permission of the Company.
If there is a desire to quote information in the Site in a magazine, book, advertisement, or other form of publication, please inform us in advance in writing. Included should be the name of the person making the request, their contact information (address, telephone number and email address), medium name, and a summary of the publication. Please understand that we may refuse permission, depending on the content and method of publication.


The Site may contain links or banners that direct you to other websites. Those sites are not operated by the Company. Accordingly, Tri-Stage bears no responsibility for their content.

4.Recommended environment


To ensure that the viewer is able to enjoy using the Website in a safe and convenient manner, the Company recommends viewing the Website with a browser incorporating the most up-to-date security measures, such as Internet Explorer version 7.0 or above or the most recent version of Firefox or Google Chrome.

Recommended Browsers

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To ensure the safe use of the Website, the use of Internet Explorer 6 is not supported or recommended.
If viewing the Website with browsers that are not recommended, certain text may appear broken and functions may not operate properly. To ensure service convenience, please use a recommended browser.

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Cookies are sent from the server to the user’s browser when the user accesses the Site. They are information stored on the user’s hard disk drive. The Site issues cookies in order to provide better services, including analysis of Site utilization, quality enhancements, and optimal serving of internet advertising. There is absolutely no information, such as the user’s name or contact data, to identify or distinguish individuals.

Blocking cookiesUsers are able to adjust their settings to allow or disallow the use of cookies. Prohibiting the use of cookies may keep some services on the Site from functioning properly, or may prevent advertising settings that require cookies from displaying properly.

Google advertising cookie policy: https://policies.google.com/technologies/ads?hl=ja

Yahoo! privacy policy: http://docs.yahoo.co.jp/docs/info/terms/chapter1.html#cf2nd