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Tri-Stage Inc.
PresidentYasuhisa Kurata

Tackling Challenges Together As a Partner

During the 15 years since its founding, Tri-Stage has served as a partner to companies by helping them tackle and resolve the challenges of direct marketing.

Tri-Stage became a publicly traded company in 2008, since when we have expanded to form a Group, comprising domestic and overseas enterprises. More recently, we have withdrawn from unprofitable businesses, instead allocating our resources to lucrative dealings. That reflects our focus on business selection and concentration, which are at the core of the medium-term business plan launched in the fiscal year ended February 2019. This has enabled us to established a Group structure that better allows us to engage in TV, Web, and DM business.

Reinforcing Our Business Foundation

Tri-Stage provides comprehensive support for direct marketing, focused on TV shopping. It completed Tri Direct Data Marketing (Tri-DDM) phase 1 development in December 2019, since when it has been ramping up provision of this service to clients. Tri-DDM integrates, links, and visualizes a variety of direct marketing data to provide accurate analysis and improve marketing measures. In addition, we launched a members-only, daily email service, Sokures—which name is a play on the Japanese words for speedy and response—that provides information on broadcasting slots to enable speedy purchases.

In the current fiscal year, the data and expertise we have accumulated so far will be used to further improve the quality of our services, develop phase 2 of Tri-DDM, which will include the utilization of AI, and enhance the Sokures service. Internal controls will be set up to enhance reliability in order to ensure thorough compliance, the basis of sound business.

In the field of highly competitive internet advertising, our Group company Adflex communications, inc. handles the web-based side of our work and has a solid reputation for its AI tools. The company has been highly effective in improving our advertising efforts, leading to an increase in the number of enterprises we serve. We thus will continue to deploy powerful AI tools that help improve the effectiveness of internet advertising.

Mail Customer Center Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, controls DM business, handles over 300 million direct mail items annually and, in Japan, is the most price–competitive concern in the industry. In response to the growing need for small-scale courier services in recent years, we are ready to provide comprehensive support for DM, from planning through production and printing.

Concentrating on three businesses enables us to further enhance each one of them and, by creating synergies between enterprises as a true partner of direct marketing companies, we will continue to provide high value-added services.

All employees of the Tri-Stage Group will make every effort to contribute to the growth of client companies through our work.

We hope you look forward to our future development and we appreciate your continued support.