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Yasuhisa Kurata
President &
Representative Director
Tri-Stage Inc.

Becoming a Stronger Marketing Support Group

Direct marketing has become increasingly important, given the substantial changes occurring in society, markets, and consumer behavior.

Since our founding in 2006, Tri-Stage has served as a partner to companies by helping them tackle and resolve the challenges of direct marketing, in an effort to increase the reliability and utilization of this business tool.

Our mission of expanding the sales and growth of client companies, has fueled our efforts to provide optimal solutions for all marketing processes.

We have taken on the challenge of visualizing the hard-to-ascertain effects of television advertising since launching Tri-DDM (direct data marketing platform) in 2019. And it is by analyzing large amounts of data—including that related to broadcast slots, order details, and external data—that we are able to contribute to improving client ROI.

As digital technologies advance, we are witnessing unimaginably rapid changes in the environment surrounding the media, client company needs, and consumer purchasing behavior.

In response to these changes, we have announced our vision of Innovation by DX in Direct Marketing, and began implementing a new growth strategy.

To accelerate the implementation of our strategy and respond to the rapidly changing environment, Tri-Stage has opted to enter into a partnership with Bain Capital Private Equity, LP, and delisted as part of a management buyout.

Tri-Stage will leverage Bain Capital’s management know-how and human resource network to strengthen existing businesses, generate Group synergies, and take on the challenge of creating new businesses.

New members with a solid track record in the field of technology and DX having joined the team, short- and medium-term projects are underway.

We will make every effort to work as one to advance business transformations by developing new solutions that make use of technologies in existing businesses, and by creating new business models that leverage Group company competitive advantages.

With the goal of enabling the Group to sustainably develop and grow alongside society, Tri-Stage plans to develop mechanisms and a corporate culture that make maximum use of our capabilities to create a stronger marketing support Group.