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Tri-Stage Mind

A Common Destiny with Clients

We help clients maximize their sales through a “same boat” philosophy. We bring to the table a sense of professionalism and share in our clients’ risks and successes.

Our Sales Team’s Directions and Initiatives

Marketing Dept. Tomomi Kamiyanagi

Our job is very responsibilities
Each choice is directly linked to the order

Marketing Dept.

Tomomi Kamiyanagi

When making proposals, we not only thoroughly analyze the products and services that we support, but also strive to understand our clients more than anyone, including issues and future prospects, from the client's perspective.
On this basis, we will make full use of the Group's know-how to expand our response. At times, we provide a broad range of services that meet the needs of our clients from a bird's-eye perspective.
Each choice is directly linked to the order. Our job is very responsibilities, but I feel that the trust of our clients will increase when we clear our target indicators.
I will continue to do my best to solve client issues, valuing the sense of responsibility and tension that I play the important role of “connecting clients and consumers”.

Isao Senoo

A Company Built on Taking Responsibility for Clients’ Sales


Isao Senoo

After I graduated from university, I spent 20 years working in advertising sales at an advertising agency. Along the way, I gained a strong desire to handle business that would be responsible for client sales.
My role in the advertising agency at the time was to increase my core understanding of companies and their products. Simply working away frantically is not enough to contribute directly to what clients consider most important: sales and profits. As I lay everything on the line when I work, I think it is important to contribute to my clients as a true partner. When I became involved in direct marketing, I realized that this was an area where successes could be measured numerically. That realization led to my decision to enter this field.
Direct marketing development requires innovation, but what will remain unchanged is my desire to get close to clients and be a true partner that strives relentlessly to contribute to their sales.